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Naughty Babysitter
Posted 07/16/2006
By Miles L. 

Basic Plot & Setting:

She is the young babysitter whose curiosity leads her up into the master bedroom!  He is the Dad who finds his young babysitter in his bedroom being very naughty!

This fantasy takes place in the master bedroom.  As the game starts, he will pretend to come home unexpectedly early and find his babysitter in his room.

Game Details:
For Her
For Him

Sexy School Girl Adult
Naughty Schoolgirl 
Sexy School Girl (Green)  Adult
Green Plaid Schoolgirl 

 Dildos & Vibrators 
Mary Jane Platform Shoes (Black) 9
Mary Jane Shoes 
Tights, Knee Hi - White
White Knee-Highs 


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